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The worst thing about keeping a car is its maintenance, as a single dent over it is like a spot on beauty, which can degrade the appearance of your vehicle, which no one can resist. Actually a car is more like a part of family for its owner, which he can not see damaged or in dull condition. So, maintaining its shine as a new one is the primary task, whether it is cleaning, repairing any damage, or any other task.

We provide quality denting services which is a crucial phase for car repair and maintenance. Our Authorized and latest Multibrand service stations and machines ensure to provide flawless denting & painting services to our clients. Book car service online with us where and we provide an exhaustive repair for cars, by giving a complete car servicing experience to our clients.

• Plunger: Dent is made wet with water and then wiped with dish liquid. Plunger is pressed against the car to create suction, and then it is pulled back using the same motions.

• Hammer and Dolly: Place the dolly against the highest point of the back side of the dent. Gently tap the dolly with the hammer until the sheep metal moves back into place.

• Body Filler: Body filler is an easy way to go for small dents. This does not require drilling or a dent puller. A thick coat of body filler is initially applied. The filler is then allowed to dry for at least an hour and then sand it smooth. Once the area is smooth with the surrounding surface of the car, primer can be applied and then painted to completely finish the dent.

A successful dent repair counts for proper use of body filler. After a dent has been bumped or pulled very near to its original condition, body filler is used to achieve the finished contour.

When the surface preparation completed satisfactorily, the refinishing job can be done by adopting one of three forms: spot repair, panel repair, or overall repainting of the vehicle. In Spot and panel repair, an isolated spot or a complete panel is painted. Overall refinishing says that the entire vehicle is painted which must be done with a gun.